Bucket Spare Parts Esco Conical Tooth-Pin

Model: 25/30PN
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
bucket spare parts: replacement parts


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Unit Price:0.35 USDProduction Capacity:50000PCS
Trade Term:FOB,CIFPacking:plywood case
Payment Terms:L/C, D/P, T/TDelivery Date:10DAYS
Min. Order:1 Set/Sets
Means of Transport:Ocean, Air, Land

Basic Info.

Part No.:25/30PN
Description:  pin
Material: 40Cr 
Production Method: Forging 
Hardness: HRC38-42  

Esco tooth-pin series:

Esco Conical Teeth Pin

18PN0.03Esco 18S/TL/VIP/WTL Standard Lock
18LK0.03Esco 18S/TL/VIP/WTL Standard Rubber
22PN0.035Esco 22S Standard Lock
22LK0.05Esco 22S Standard Rubber
25-30PN0.1Esco 25-30S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Standard Lock
25-30LK0.03Esco 25-30S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Standard Rubber
35PN0.13Esco 35S/P/AP/VIP/R/TVIP/T Standard Rubber
40PN0.22Esco 40S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Standard Lock
35-40LK0.03Esco 40S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Standard Rubber
45PN0.38Esco 45S/VIP/R/RDX Standard Lock
45LK0.22Esco 45S/VIP/R/RDX Standard Rubber
50PN0.5Esco 50S/VIP/R/RDX Standard Lock
50LK0.22Esco 50S/VIPL/R/RDX Standard Rubber
55PN0.65Esco 55VIPL/R/RDX Standard Lock
55LK0.26Esco 55VIPL/R/RDX Standard Rubber
77PN0.8Esco 77-HBP Standard Lock
77LK0.55Esco 77-HBP Standard Rubber
18PNR0.042Esco 18S/TL/VIP/WTL Reinforced Lock
18LKR0.03Esco 18S/TL/VIP/WTL Reinforced Rubber
25-30PNR0.13Esco 25-30S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Reinforced Lock
25-30LKR0.03Esco 25-30S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Reinforced Rubber
35PNR0.2Esco 35S/STD/VIP/R/T Reinforced Lock
35-40LKR0.05Esco 35S/STD/VIP/R/T Reinforced Rubber
40PNR0.22Esco 40S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Reinforced Lock
35-40LKR0.05Esco 40S/STD/VIP/R/RDX/T Reinforced Rubber
45PNR0.38Esco 45S/VIP/R/RDX Reinforced Lock
45LKR0.03Esco 45S/VIP/R/RDX Reinforced Rubber
50PNR0.45Esco 50S/VIP/R/RDX Reinforced Lock
50LKR0.33Esco 50S/VIPL/R/RDX Reinforced Rubber
55PNR0.48Esco 55VIPL/R/RDX Reinforced Lock
55LKR0.33Esco 55VIPL/R/RDX Reinforced Rubber
77PNR0.62Esco 77-HBP/CLP/CRMHL/CRXX Reinforced Lock
77LKR0.46Esco 77-HBP/CLP/CRMHL/CRXX Reinforced Rubber

Esco Superconcial Teeth Pin

36PN0.42Esco Superconical Teeth 36-FP/VIP  Lock  R2PN
36LK0.12Esco Superconical Teeth 36-FP/VIP Rubber  R2LK
46PN0.5Esco Superconical Teeth 46-FP/VIP Lock
46LK0.14Esco Superconical Teeth 46-FP/VIPRubber
56PN0.55Esco Superconical Teeth 56-FP/RDX/VIP Lock
56LK0.2Esco Superconical Teeth 56-FP/RDX/VIP Rubber
66PN0.6Esco Superconical Teeth 66-FP/LP/R/RDX/VIP Lock
66LK0.23Esco Superconical Teeth 66-FP/LP/R/RDX/VIP Rubber
76PN0.7Esco Superconical Teeth 76-FP/LP/R/RDX/VIP Lock
76LK0.28Esco Superconical Teeth 76-FP/LP/R/RDX/VIP Rubber
86PN0.92Esco Superconical Teeth 86-FP/LP/RDX/VIP/SD Lock
86LK0.4Esco Superconical Teeth 86-FP/LP/RDX/VIP/SD Rubber

Esco Dragline Pick Teeth

44DPN0.7Esco Dragline Pick Teeth 44-D14 Lock
44DLK0.26Esco Dragline Pick Teeth 44-D14 Rubber
54DPN0.89Esco Dragline Pick Teeth 54-D16 Lock
54DLK0.48Esco Dragline Pick Teeth 54-D16 Rubber

Esco Ripper Pin

22RPG0.1222R Pin
22RBG0.0522R Bushing/Rubber
25RPG0.1325R Pin
25RBG0.0225R Bushing/Rubber
25RC-PN0.2325RC Pin
25RC-LKSR0.0525RC Bushing/Rubber
35RPG0.235R Pin
35RBG0.02535R Bushing/Rubber
35RPH0.2235R Pin
49SR0.0235R Washer
35RSP0.6235R Uni-Lock Pin
39RPG0.439R Pin
39RBG0.0339R Bushing/Rubber
39-49RPH0.439R Pin 49RP
49SR0.0239R Washer
39SPH0.4639R Pin
39SRH0.0839R Washer
39RSP0.1239R Uni-Lock Pin
49RSP0.9549R Uni-Lock Pin

ESCO-Super V

V13-V17PN0.04Super V13-17 Pin
V19-V23PN0.05Super V18-23 Pin
V29PN0.13Super V29 Pin
V33PN0.16Super V33 Pin
V39PN0.24Super V39 Pin
V43PN0.32Super V43 Pin
V51PN0.36Super V51 Pin
V59PN0.43Super V59 Pin
V61PN0.46Super V61 Pin
V69PN0.73Super V69 Pin
V71PN0.8Super V71 Pin

Super V81 Pin

Esco Vertalok Pins and Plugs

27VPN&27VPL0.12Esco 27 Series Vertalok
37VPN&27VPL0.16Esco 37 Series Vertalok
47VPN&27VPL0.23Esco 47 Series Vertalok
57VPN&27VPL0.3Esco 57 Series Vertalok

Esco Helilok Teeth Pin

21LK0.3721 Series Lock
27LK0.1127 Series Lock
37LK0.1437 Series Lock
47LK0.2247 Series Lock
57LK0.2957 Series Lock

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